Interactive SoCal Mobility Map

This is a website that helps you learn about mobility options in Southern California. Browse the map to find points of transportation interest across Southern California.

While every effort is made to be accurate, problems might exist. If you find a problem, please contact me.

The data in this website is fetched from OpenStreetMap, using the Overpass API and Overpass Query Language. Since OSM is a crowdsourced database, some data may be inaccurate and/or inconsistent. In these cases, I recommend contributing to OpenStreetMap.

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Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors. Freeway shields provided in the public domain by Wikimedia Commons. Metro transit data provided by Swiftly and Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Traffic alerts provided by SoCal 511 / Go511.

Disclaimer: ISCMM, Unixfy, and Alex Wang are not affiliated with OpenStreetMap, Caltrans, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency (LACMTA; Metro), San Bernardino County Transportation Agency (SBCTA; Omnitrans), or other organizations responsible for mobility in Southern California.